May 23, 2015

My birthday:

As always I have today lit candles in the cathedral of Oslo.
Then I spent a wonderful day in the Norwegian Folk Museum. In one of the houses a young lady (her name is Aurora) informed the visitors about the life of the former inhabitants. She spoke German very well and we spent much time together.
From her I got the tip that noon in the bakery house a Norwegian specialty called “Hardangerlefse” is baked and I should it try.
It was an experience: The Lefse looks like a flat bread, but is more like a giant pancake. I immediately took the recipe and here incorporated as image! The last picture provides some translations, because even the recipe is written in Norwegian.

Folkemuseum (1)
The Gol stave church
Folkemuseum (3)
Lefse-bakery (1)
Lefse-bakery (2)
Folkemuseum (1)
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