May 23, 2015

My birthday:

As always I have today lit candles in the cathedral of Oslo.
Then I spent a wonderful day in the Norwegian Folk Museum. In one of the houses a young lady (her name is Aurora) informed the visitors about the life of the former inhabitants. She spoke German very well and we spent much time together.
From her I got the tip that noon in the bakery house a Norwegian specialty called “Hardangerlefse” is baked and I should it try.
It was an experience: The Lefse looks like a flat bread, but is more like a giant pancake. I immediately took the recipe and here incorporated as image!

Folkemuseum (1)
The Gol stave church
Folkemuseum (3)
Lefse-bakery (1)
Lefse-bakery (2)
Folkemuseum (1)

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Dietmar Anders, Malente