– a term that represents more than a mere word. Rather, it hides a whole attitude to life that characterizes the leisure time behavior of Norwegians like hardly any other term.

The «Store Norske Leksikon» defines Friluftsliv as «non-motorized transport, stay or activities in nature with recreation as the primary goal». Short hikes and ski tours are particularly popular as Frluftsliv activities, as are cycling, swimming, boat tours, hunting and fishing. But collecting activities, such as berries and mushrooms, also rank high on the list of the most popular Friluftsliv activities.

Just as varied as the activities themselves are the motives that drive Norwegians to pursue what they consider to be “typisk norsk” in their free time. On the one hand, health plays a major role, but so does the search for peace and quiet. Others also see Friluftsliv as an ideal opportunity to challenge oneself physically and mentally.

Last but not least, staying in nature also has a social component – at the latest when the hiking group gathers at the summit after a steep climb, enjoys the view and enjoys biting into a “Kvikk lunsj” – “hele Norges tursjokolade”…

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Dietmar Anders, Malente