New picture gallery 05/2019

Good morning from Oslo, dear friends …

Today it rains here in the most beautiful city in the world, so I use the time to sort my pictures. I have made a new photo album. Below you will find the link.

At the beginning of my journey, I traveled with the Bergensbane from Oslo to Bergen and back. This ride is gorgeous. It feels like you’re driving through a giant model train for 7 hours.

The city of Bergen was wonderful, on the mountain Fløyen you have a fantastic view over the whole city. Because I also had luck with the weather, it was especially nice (3 days without rain, that is rare in Bergen).

Yesterday in Norway Nasjonaldagen (the national holiday), that’s all you have to say …
I am still here for 8 days in Oslo and also drive to Lillehammer, so there will be many more pictures to my album …

Until then … Greetings from Oslo,
the most beautiful city in the world.

Fløybane (1)
Nasjonaldagen (10)

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