New title Lord of Kerry

Since January 31, 2022 I have also held the Irish title “Lord of Kerry”

County Kerry is a particularly popular destination for tourists to Ireland. Not quite as wild as the North West with its sheer windswept cliffs, but still boasts an impressive coastline of high cliffs, coves and the azure Atlantic. The Ring of Kerry, a 170km scenic coastal route, takes in a number of major attractions. Because Ireland is a country with breathtaking nature and a very old culture, witnesses of which you can discover all over the island. These include, for example, the picturesque area around Killarney with the Killarney National Park and numerous monuments from prehistoric times such as ring forts, stone rows, stone circles and standing stones, but also monasteries and churches from the time of early Christianity.

And owning a patch of land entitles one to use the Irish predicate “tirana”, which is equivalent to lord or lady.

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