Sognsvann lake

The Sognsvann is a lake in the Marka of Norway’s capital Oslo on the northern city limits. The Sognsvann was a drinking water reservoir from 1876 to 1967. At the southern end lies on a moraine of the last ice age Sognsvann gård, the border to which almost the sea level reached in the last ice age.

The name of the lake “sogn” probably comes from a derivative of the verb suge = suck.

The lake is a popular recreation area, there are opportunities for barbecues, swimming, beach volleyball or other leisure activities. Not far away there are a number of attractions, such as mines and remains of ores used to extract iron, and a “Swedish Wall” built by Swedish prisoners of war in the 19th century. The trail around the lake is reserved for wheelchair users and pedestrians, while cyclists have to use the road a little further away from the water.

The Sognsvann is also suitable for running training and jogging, the circuit has a length of 3258 meters. In summer there is a weekly clockwise race around the lake. The Oslo Triathlon and other popular activities for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts also take place around and on Sognsvann. In winter there is an opportunity for ice skating and ice fishing. In addition, several cross-country ski trails start here in winter, including a “Lysløype”, ie a trail that is artificially lit, which means that you can also use it at night.

You can get to Sognsvann from Oslo city center with Oslo T-bane No. 5, the Sognsvann Railway, to the terminus of the same name. The ride e.g. from the National Theater takes only 15 minutes, then you are in a completely different world …

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