The next trip is booked

After all the sorrow, the grief and the stress of the death of our beloved father, I need some time just for myself.

That’s why I planned my next trip a bit longer than usual.

I travel to Oslo on May 15, so for the first time I can celebrate National Day on May 17. Then I will stay until after my birthday and will not return until May 24th.

I did not make any plans for this trip but just wanted to calm down my soul and recharge my batteries, in the wonderful nature surrounding my beloved Oslo.

Unfortunately, the mother of my dear friend Lena Andreassen passed away on May 1st. We were so looking forward to celebrating her birthday together on May 17th. I am very sad because I can not meet Inger-Lise in person.


The lake is a popular recreational area with opportunities for barbecues, swimming, beach volleyball and other recreational activities.
You get to the Sognsvann from the center of Oslo with the Oslo T-bane no. 5, to the terminus of the same name.

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