Wallmuseum Oldenburg

The Medieval Experience Museum in Ostholstein!

In the middle of today’s city of Oldenburg in Holstein, the Oldenburger Wall is not only one of the most important archaeological monuments in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, but also a power center of Slavic rule: Starigard.

Using archaeological finds in the exhibitions and reconstructed early medieval settlements, the early medieval history of Oldenburg as the center of trade, politics and religion in Ostholstein 1,000 years ago is presented here.

The Slavic era awakens to new life in the open-air area: 20 reconstructed buildings with different themes are spread over two settlements, which take up the contents of the exhibitions and lively complement them. On his tour, for example, one encounters the Slavic sanctuary and the hall of the princes of Starigard and can relive the effect these buildings had on people over 1,000 years ago.

In April 2018 the “Jomsborg Vikings” celebrated the 30th birthday of their organization with an international fighters’ meeting. It was the first meeting of this magnitude. 500 Vikings from all over the world stormed the Oldenburg Wall Museum. The fighters came from 20 countries, for example even from Australia, Chile and Colombia.

I was there too and put my pictures together in a gallery.

Wallmuseum Oldenburg

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