Since 2017 I have been supporting nature conservation in both countries by buying small plots of land in Scotland and Northern Ireland.
The fun part is that as a landowner you also get the title of laird or lord, and if you’re a woman you get the title of lady.

I now own over 2,300 square feet or about 216 square meters of land and that’s why I hold the titles
Laird / Lord of ArdmoreGlencoeKilnaish and Lochaber.
Information on how to become a Lord or Lady for Scotland is available here:
Highland Titles | Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
and for Northern Ireland here:
Celtic Titles | Become a Lord or Lady of Ardmore

In addition, but without a nature conservation background, I also carry the following titles:
Lord of Kerry,
Squire of Glens Wood,
Marquis de Bourbon,
Duke of Berwangen,
Count of Falkenstein.

If you click on the links of the different places you will see the deeds of ownership and heraldry of the titles.

Map of my properties

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Dietmar Anders, Malente