In May 2022 I visited my friend Lena Andreassen in her hometown.
Bryne is located in the Jæren region in Fylke Rogaland on the west coast of Norway. The city is located about 30 kilometers south of Stavanger.

In Bryne there is the recreation area Sandtangen on the shore of Frøylandsvatnet. Lena lovingly takes care of the squirrels and all other animals of the forest. She is there every day, feeding the animals and taking wonderful photos.

The “leader” of the squirrel gang is called Lurifaks. He’s a local celebrity in Jæren and even has his own Facebook page
and recently there is also a 1000-piece Lurifaks puzzle.

When I was there with Lena, I met at least 10 of the squirrels personally. In the meantime there are maybe about 30, because in the summer there were a lot of youngsters.

Every day I am happy about the beautiful pictures of Lena on Facebook and I will definitely be visiting there again soon.

Bryne (1)
Ekornene (1)
Ekornene (2)
Ekornene (3)
Sandtangen (1)
Sandtangen (2)
Trebroen Midgardsormen

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