Travel tips Kiel – Oslo

The Color Line tour from Kiel to Oslo …
20 hours luxury cruise across the Baltic Sea.

  • Departure from Kiel: 2:00 pm
  • Check-in time: by 1:00 pm
  • Arrival in Oslo: 10:00 am
MS Color Magic in the Port of Kiel
MS Color Magic in the Port of Kiel

Generally I would recommend to book at least one night in Oslo.
The short trip is indeed get sometimes very low, but it has only a total of four-hour stay. That’s enough just for a quick city tour.

From the ferry landing into the city
To save time you go in Oslo by taxi from the ferry dock to the station “National Theatre”. One can also easily walk on foot, it takes about 30 minutes.
I always use the National Theatre as a focal point and a starting point for my tours.

The Oslo Pass
Worth probably for tourists most. Oslo-Pass
With the Oslo Pass you get:

  • free admission to all museums
  • unlimited use of all public transport
  • free entry into the pools of Tøyenbadet and Frognerbadet
  • free parking in the municipal parking lots
  • discounts on city tours, cinemas, restaurants, car rentals and souvenir shops.

The pass is either one, two or three days valid and available on board the Color Line ships, in tourist offices, hotels, hostels, campsides and some museums. Further information you can find here:

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