Grass Roots Square

On Teatergata, in the square in front of the 22nd of July Center, you will find the Grass Roots Square art installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh.
From a distance, the work may look like grass penetrating the concrete of the floor, but up close, a sea of people appears: many small people forming a large community.

The work consists of 50,000 bronze sculptures with 400 unique figures. As the name suggests, the grassroots is precisely the inspiration. According to the artist, the work symbolizes that although we are individually weak, together we can bear the heaviest burdens.

Grass Roots Square was built in 2012 but planned before 2011. Nevertheless, the construction in the wake of the terror and the clear message have given the work an important place in the rest of the commemorative landscape of the government district.

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Dietmar Anders, Malente