Oscarshall Castle

On my 27th visit to Oslo, I actually managed to visit Oscarshall Castle on the Bygdøy peninsula for the first time! And it was really worth it.

Oscarshall Castle is a castle on the Bygdøy peninsula, a district of Oslo. The castle was built between 1847 and 1852 by the Danish architect Johan Henrik Nebelong for the then Norwegian King Oscar I. But already in 1863 it was transferred to the Norwegian state by his son, Charles IV, who administered it for the Norwegian royal family.

The castle is considered to be the most important neo-Gothic secular building in Norway. The architecture is inspired by the style of the neo-Gothic castles in England of that time. The interior was designed by local craftsmen and artists.

After a three-year restoration, the castle has been open to the public again since early summer 2009 and can be visited in the summer months. Cultural events and concerts take place in its halls.

Oscarshall Castle
Oscarshall Castle

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