From Oslo to Lillehammer

The tour from Oslo to Lillehammer

by train takes about 2:15 hrs and costs NOK 438 (price 2020). But there are also special price offers for only NOK 309.
Much of the journey leads along the banks of Lake Mjøsa, with an area of 365 square kilometers the largest lake in Norway.
Many of the newer attractions in Lillehammer related to the 1994 Olympics and are located in the Olympic Park.


The jump for the Games is now a year-round attraction with an elevator (or if you’re fit, with 954 steps) to the top. From the top you have a fantastic view over the city and Lake Mjøsa. Lift back and forth 60 NOK incl. Admission to the tower. The sight is walk 20 to 30 minutes from downtown. It goes beyond the Fossgatan and follow the signs (Olympia / Chairlifts).

Norwegian Olympic Museum – Håkon Hall

The top modern Norwegian Olympic Museum in Lillehammer is a tribute to sport, feats, heroes and the Olympic idea.
Through interactive installations, multimedia presentations and original objects you will experience unforgettable Olympic moments.
The Olympic museum presents the Olympic history worldwide, from antique times and until today. A unique collection of objects is on display.
The Norwegian Olympic Museum is part of the Olympic Museum Network.
The Olympics that took place in Lillehammer in 1994 and Oslo in 1952 play a central role in the museum.
Enjoy impressive movies that are made to excite. The video installation “Inside the race” gives you the feeling of what the athletes are going through prior to the competition. In another part of the museum you can test biathlon in a special simulator.
This is a museum for those interested in sports, in history, in culture, in society, and finally for both young and old.


Maihaugen is Europe’s largest open-air museum with over 200 traditional Norwegian buildings.

Vikingskipet speed skating rink in Hamar
Along the banks of Lake Mjøsa (1)
Along the banks of Lake Mjøsa (2)
Along the banks of Lake Mjøsa (3)
Along the banks of Lake Mjøsa (4)
Along the banks of Lake Mjøsa (5)
Lillehammer (1)
Lillehammer (5)
Lillehammer (2)
Lillehammer (3)
Vikingskipet speed skating rink in Hamar

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