Today I went from Stavanger to the Lysefjord with Rødne Fjord Cruise. This is a fantastic tour of around 3 hours where you can see the famous Preikestolen and the Hengjanefossen waterfall, among other things.

The Lysefjord is the southernmost of the large fjords in Norway. Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to experience this spectacular fjord arm.

It is 42 kilometers long and up to 422 meters deep. The fjord is quite narrow and is framed by steep mountains; in some places more than 1,000 meters high. A boat trip in the Lysefjord is a powerful experience. I understand why no road has ever been built along the seafront here; the vertical mountain sides provide no opportunity for such.

The two most famous sights in the Lysefjord are the Preikestolen (“Pulpit”) and Mount Kjerag, both in Forsand Municipality. The 25 x 25 meter Preikestolen plateau rises 604 meters high on the northern shore of the fjord.

Kjerag is the highest peak in the area at 1,110 meters and is located on the southern shore of the fjord. On its plateau there is a five cubic meter boulder that is wedged in a crevice at 1,000 meters above the fjord.

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