Wall Museum Oldenburg

Not only in Scandinavia, but also in my home country of Schleswig-Holstein, the time of the Vikings is regularly brought back to life, for example in the Wall Museum in Oldenburg.

The Slavic period comes to life again in its open-air area: 20 reconstructed buildings with different themes are spread over two settlements, which take up the content of the exhibitions or supplement them in a lively way. For example, on your tour you will encounter the Slavic sanctuary and the Hall of the Princes of Starigard/Oldenburg and you can experience the effect these buildings had on people more than 1,000 years ago.

The Slav Days in Oldenburg are not just any medieval market: Every year in July, warriors, traders and craftsmen from all over Europe meet and revive the westernmost princely residence of the medieval Slavs in all its facets.

In addition to the demonstrations of Viking and Slavic clothing and weapons, the highlights of the program are of course the big battle shows. Don’t just be there when warriors try to conquer the castle of “Starigard”, fighters land in ships or storm the wall gate while the defenders answer with spears and stones.

500 Vikings from all over the world stormed the Oldenburg Wall Museum in 2018. The “Jomsborg Vikings” celebrated the 30th anniversary of their organization with an international meeting of fighters. It was the first gathering of this magnitude.

I was also there at the 2018 Warrior Meeting. It was amazing to see the hundreds of warriors from all over the world. This was the largest meeting of this kind that I have ever witnessed. There is a 30 minute video of the gathering on Youtube, below is the link.

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Dietmar Anders, Malente