New books from Norway

Two more new books by Kim Hjardar:

I got another package from Norway.
The book “Havets herskere” (ISBN: 978-82-826-5465-4)
This book presents the society and the unique lifestyle of the Vikings, their ships, weapons and religious practices as well as the relentless struggle for Scandinavia in a concise and clear way. Richly illustrated with pictures of historical finds and reconstructions of scenes from their diverse and unique lives.


The second book came out last year and that completes my series of books by Kim Hjardar:
“Vikingenes største slag” (ISBN: 978-82-430-1337-7)
Hundreds of battles were fought, in which the Vikings were important participants, but few changed or influenced political and cultural developments in the Nordic countries and in Europe. In this book, you can take part in 25 of the greatest, most important, or weirdest battles of our time. From Scandinavia in the north to Byzantium in the east, Italy in the south and America in the west, the Vikings fought foreign peoples in search of honor, wealth, land and power.


I got the first two books last year: see article Real challenge

Havets herskere, ISBN: 978-82-826-5465-4
Vikingenes største slag, ISBN: 978-82-430-1337-7
Dietmar Anders, Malente