Trip Norway August 2021

I’m really looking forward to it:
On August 17th I will finally travel to Norway again.

After arriving in Oslo on August 18th at 10:00 am, the journey continues directly to Stavanger. I stay there for three nights and then drive back to Oslo. In Stavanger I will finally see the “Sverd i fjell” and visit my dear friend Lena Andreassen. That’s going to be great.

I will live in the Thon Hotel Maritim, the hotel is located in the middle of Stavanger. The hotel has a beautiful view of Lake Breiavatnet. Shopping opportunities, bars and restaurants, cultural and entertainment options in the city center of Stavanger are within walking distance.

In Oslo I’ll stay until August 27th and then travel back home.

I have just received an invitation to my friend Carina to visit the beautiful Tyrifjord. It’s going to be great, we haven’t seen each other in a long time.

Sverd i fjell
Sverd i fjell

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