Trip Norway May 2022

My next trip to my beloved Norway is booked: On May 12th, I’m taking the Color-Line from Kiel to Oslo. Upon arrival, the train continues to Stavanger on May 13th. On May 14th I am visiting my dear friend Lena Andreassen and her squirrels in Bryne. There Lena wants to show me the Midgardsormen and the Tinghaug with its fantastic view. Then, on May 15th, Lena will come to Stavanger and we will take a boat trip to the Lysefjord together. There we will see, among other things, the famous Preikestolen!






On May 16th I’m going back to Oslo from Stavanger, so I’ll be back in the capital in time for National Day (May 17th). I watch the big children’s pageant right in front of the royal palace, where the royal family greets the parade from the balcony.
In the following week I have planned trips to the stave church in Heddal, to the Tyrifjord to see my friend Carina and of course to Lillehammer.
On May 28th I’ll be driving back to Kiel, hopefully with a lot of great experiences and pictures in my luggage.

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Duke Dietmar Anders of Dornberg