Travel report August 2017

Travel report August 2017

From 16 to 20 August I was with my sister Marlies again in Oslo. We had a lot of great experiences, some I would like to show here:

The most beautiful and also most important was our meeting with my “pen friend” Lena Andreassen. I had promised her to bring an angel for her son’s grave. We have gladly solved this promise. Now the angel is on the grave and protects little Hendrik.

Together we spent a wonderful afternoon at the Ekebergpark, this place I wanted to show Marlies absolutely.

Lena is a great personality, it was a pleasure and honor for us to meet her. And we are looking forward to seeing you again, maybe this year.

In the Norsk Folkemuseum we experienced music and folk dance, which was great …
The young lady with the Hardanger-fiddle played for me already in May, on my birthday. It was nice to meet her again.

During our visit to the open-air museum “Maihaugen” in Lillehammer, the weather was unfortunately not so good, so I could only take few pictures. But there are already the pictures in the gallery.

We were also in the Viking ship museum (Vikingskipshuset) and the Kon-Tiki-Museum on the wonderful museum peninsula Bygdøy. Here are some pictures:

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