Travel to Norway in May 2019

My next trip to Norway in May 2019 will be the longest so far. On the 12th of May we start in the direction of Oslo and I will not return home until May 27th.

After arriving in Oslo, I will travel on the 13th of May with the #Bergen_Line to Bergen. There I stay for 2 nights and drive back to Oslo on May 15th. I’m looking forward to the 7 hours train ride, the route should be one of the most beautiful in Europe …

In time for #Nasjonaldagen I’m back in Oslo, from there I’ll do my other tours. Of course I will visit my friends in #Lillehammer and I have been invited to come to the Tyrifjord. There is the viewpoint Kongens Utsikt, which is certainly beautiful.

I am especially looking forward to meet my dear friend Lena Andreassen. We both had a very difficult year in 2018 and I wish that we could spend a lot of time together.


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