Oslo in May 2019

After spending three days in #Bergen, I came back to Oslo on May 15th. Here I spent another 12 wonderful days with many good friends. Already on the 16th of May I met my friend Lena and she gave me a present which made me very proud: a 17th-May-Sløyfe with a medal of the deceased King Olav V. This I have carried on Nasjonaldagen full of awe and with pride!

On May 19th I went to visit Lillehammer. On the way there, I was able to see the world’s largest wooden skyscraper in Brumunddal. After a visit to the open air museum Maihaugen, as usual, a visit to my friends from Peppes Pizza was on. It was a warm reunion, especially because I brought back a sweet gift from Lübeck (marzipan).

But on the day of departure, the 26th of May, I experienced the most beautiful moment of my entire journey: I received a belated birthday present from Lena as my farewell. When I opened it, I almost cried in happiness: It’s a wonderful sweater, the most beautiful gift I’ve ever received!

I would like to thank all friends in Norway for the great time. Especially with Lena, my dear hosts at #Thon Hotel Slottsparken and my friends in Lillehammer. Soon I will come back, for my next trip I start already with the preparations. In summer I would like to travel to Trondheim.

Until then best regards…
Mjøsatower Brumunddal

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