Trip to Oslo July 2020

Dear friends of Norway,
since July 15, 2020 we can travel to Norway again without having to quarantine.

Fortunately, I had already applied for a vacation, so I went straight to Oslo on July 15th. So I was one of the first vacationers to disembark from Color Magic! The greeting was fantastic, I still get goose bumps when I think about it! Below is a video from July 16, the day I arrived …

Here is a summary of the trip:

  • The check-in in Kiel went smoothly. You could go on board immediately after checking in without having to wait in line (the procedure may have been adapted, see below …)
  • There is NO mask requirement on board the ships of the Color-Line, nor in Norway! However, but they ask that you keep a distance of 1 meter and, if possible, not pay with cash but with a card.
  • When checking out and later also when checking in in Oslo, passengers are called up floor by floor by loudspeaker announcement to leave or enter the ship. The same procedure now also takes place when checking out in Kiel.
  • As already mentioned, there is no obligation to wear a mask in Norway (yet …). That means: public transport (buses, tram, subway, trains …) are sometimes very full and nobody protects themselves or the other passengers !!! Theoretically, all seats in the vehicles can also be filled, there are no distance rules as with us.

During my stay I visited many friends again. Of course I was in the Norsk Folkemuseum, at Peppes Pizza in Lillehammer and finally again in Heddal. My friend Helge greeted me there, as if we had only seen each other a few days before. My last visit was almost 2 years ago!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t meet two particularly good friends during this visit: Lena was on vacation in Sweden myself and I refrained from visiting my good friend Carina, who lives on the Tyrifjord, out of consideration for her health.

All in all it was an all around successful stay in Norway and I am looking forward to December, then hopefully I can travel to Oslo again without restrictions.

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Dietmar Anders, Malente